Refreshing Essential Oil Ice Cubes

Lemon-lime ice cubes

Do you know anyone who can resist the sharp, bright tastes of lemon and lime? We don’t! That’s why these ice cubes, with their thirst-quenching flavor, are a hit at summer get-togethers. Whether adult friends are headed over for a movie marathon or kiddos are running around avoiding the bunk beds, no one will turn down a drink of citrus flair as they party the night away!



1. Cut the lemon and lime into six pieces each and squeeze the juice from each wedge into a bowl. After the juice is squeezed out, drop the wedges into the bowl.
2. Add essential oils to the bowl. Mix well to combine the juice with the oil and cover the fruit.
3. Place a lemon or lime wedge in each ice cube mold.
4. Cover with water and freeze.


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